Thursdays @ 7:15PM
Sundays @ 9:30 & 11AM

Join us at our facility at 13678 Silverstone Drive directly across from Hamilton Southeastern High School.

Where We Meet


“All over the place.” We believe that church is more than just a building… more than a once a week gathering. So, we meet in homes throughout the week, and worship together on Sundays at our new Launch Pad facility at the cover of Olio Road & Silverstone Drive.

During the week, you may not find us there much however, because we believe it’s important to stay connect to our community. But, we do spend a lot of time in The Commons, our FREE coffee shop on site. Yes. FREE. We know. It’s awesome.

  • Weekend Gatherings

    Thursdays @ 7:15PM
    Sundays @ 9:30 & 11AM
    The Launch Pad*
    13678 Silverstone Drive • Fishers, IN 46037

    *We call it a Launch Pad because we think church is about more than 75 minutes in an auditorium. It’s about taking what happens there with you.

  • Office Site

    13678 Silverstone Drive • Fishers, IN 46037
    (At the corner of Olio Road & Silverstone Drive)


  • The Commons Coffee Shop

    Open Monday-Thursday 9AM – 5PM
    Closed Fridays

    Free Coffee.
    Free Tea.
    Free Wifi.

    We know that sometimes when people say “free” it means “cheap.” We don’t mean that. Our coffee is good and it makes a difference.

    Find out how our coffee saves the world HERE.