Coffee and community go hand in hand. In our homes, it’s what we offer our friends to make them feel more at home, and we don’t even charge them for it. The same is true at Crosspoint.

IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT COFFEE… We believe GOD is generous. We want to reflect that. We want to bless people in everything we do, because we’re convinced we’re called to be a “love machine” in our community and around the world.

In April 1994, Rwanda (an African country half the size of the state of Maryland) experienced one of history’s most atrocious genocides. In just 100 days, close to one million ethnic Tutsi and moderate Hutu sympathizers lost their lives to the hands of extremist Hutu militia. So, we’ve joined forces with Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee to help restore the broken part of the world we know as Rwanda. Since we began our partnership with LOTH in 2009, the coffee that we consumed at Crosspoint every year pays for nearly 2 years of living wages for one of the rural farmers of Bukanya, Rwanda.

“The introduction of specialty coffee to the healing fields of Rwanda proved to be an uncommon opportunity for once warring countrymen to not only rebuild their homesteads, but to work together toward lasting peace. A commitment to excellence in coffee has brought dignity and hope to a nation that history suggested would never recover. Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. partners with farmers and local community leaders to develop the coffee into a sustainable income, pay a just Living Wage, and strive to further meet the needs of the people. When you buy Land of a Thousand Hills, you are receiving coffee that is 100% Arabica, fairly traded, and roasted fresh. Your excellent morning cup is offering hope to these developing coffee communities with each purchase. Drink Coffee. Do Good.™“*

GET INVOLVED Stop by Crosspoint any SUNDAY at 9:30 or 11am and drink some coffee. We’ll have low lights, clearly marked exits if you change your mind, and of course… COFFEE THAT’S MAKING A DIFFERENCE ONE CUP AT A TIME.

PLUS… Stop by The Commons Monday-Thursday 9-5 (closed Fridays) for Free Coffee and Free Wifi. It’s one of the ways that we want to give back to our local community. Plus, the more coffee you drink, the more good gets done.