How To Thrive In A Hostile World

In this time of escalating violence, trauma, and racial tension, it seems we live in an ever-increasing hostile culture. Through the rising tensions from the terrible race-related violence, to the volatile political climate, and on-going global unrest, we sit back and wonder, “Where is the hope?” “Can it really get any better?”

God loves everyone and wants us to do the same. When we take a look at creation we get a glimpse of God’s creativity and passion for color and diversity in the world. He wants his church and the world to reflect that diversity. God has a hope and a dream for you, even in the midst of the hostility.

Join us August 7, 14 & 21.



Week 494 // August 7, 2016 // Avoiding the Election Infection

In case you haven’t noticed, the political scene is heating up. Politics is not an emotionally neutral topic. It has the power to divide us instead of bring us together. What would it look like if Christians filtered their politics through their faith rather than filtering their faith through their politics?


Week 495 // August 14, 2016 // The Human Family

God loves color. By taking a look at creation we get a glimpse of God’s creativity and passion for color and diversity. Join us as we look at the value of diversity and how each of us can promote reconciliation.


Week 496 // August 21, 2016 // Kingdom View

We see daily news reports about violence and terrorism. The world can feel like a dangerous place. Uncertainty is unavoidable, fear is optional.  This week we’re going to look at a Kingdom view that allows us to lean in and thrive even in the midst of difficult circumstances.