The Art of Neighboring // June 4-25

What if Jesus actually meant what he said, when he invites us to love our neighbors?
Who are your neighbors?
Do you know them?

Wherever you live, whatever you do, you are a neighbor to someone.

Join us this June as we explore “The Art of Neighboring” and how you can transform your corner of the world by simply becoming a good neighbor.


060417 – Week 537 – Love God. Love Others.

In the kick-off to the series, we look at how loving your neighbor means knowing who they are first.

061117 – Week 538 – Time Factor

Time is one of the barriers in taking Jesus’ Great Commandment to “Love God and Love Neighbors” seriously. This week we dive into allowing our priorities to determine our capacity.

061817 – Week 539 – Fear Factor

This week we’re looking at the fear factors that prevent us from developing relationships with our neighbors.

062517 – Week 540 – Authenticity Factor

This week we’re exploring the importance of motive and authenticity when it comes to loving our neighbor.