Simple Christmas

SimpleXmas_slider2Doesn’t it seem like Christmas grows bigger and bigger every year?
What if the key to getting more out of this Christmas was actually found in less?

Find out this December as we explore how more can lead to disconnects in our life as well as how focusing on less actually allows us to reduce, reclaim, and reconnect with the importance of the season.

Join us Sundays, December 01, 08, & 15 at 9 or 10:30AM for services at Fall Creek Intermediate School.
We’ll have great coffee, nice people, low lights & easy exits if you change your mind.


Week 354 // December 01, 2013 // Reclaim: Traditions Are Triggers

Taking the platform in this weekend’s teaching was National Director of the Church of God, Jim Lyon. Jim kicks off the Christmas season at Crosspoint taking a look at traditions and how we’ve lost some of their meaning in the bigness of the holiday. By focusing on the meaning of “light,” he challenges us to simplify our focus and remember that Christmas lights ultimately are a reminder of the star that led the few unexacting to that manager in Bethlehem those millennia ago.


Kingdom Come


We want our city to look like heaven on earth—for beauty and life and joy to overtake this town. Jesus calls this holy overthrow the “Kingdom of God.”

And when we look for it, we’ll find it.



A journey is a 6-week teaching series where everyone in the church gets on the same page. From the youngest kid’s class that has a lesson to the oldest person attending a weekend service, we’ll all dive in together on what it looks like to find ourselves at home, no matter where we are.

To experience the most out of a journey, someone’s week would look something like this:

Each part of the weekly rhythm is important, but possibly the most crucial piece of the journey is the small group discussion component. [pk_divider]



Each journey week begins here. You’ll be immersed in the
journey experience, provoked by art and creativity, and
taught foundational truths for each week’s Kingdom topic.
It’s super important. Be there.


In this casual and relational environment, you share what
you’re learning, encourage others, get encouraged, and
maybe eat some chips (BYOC, though).


At the end of each small group, you’ll receive a challenge
to personally experiment with the week’s Kingdom
topic. Do the experiment during the week and record
what happens in this guide. You’ll see some family
experiments and social media prompts (if you’re into that
kind of thing) which we’re using this year to engage more
fully as a community and city.




Below you’ll find a quick reference guide to all the groups we’re hosting and what side of town they’re on.

If you’d like to join one, simply follow the links below to find a group that’s right for you (and/or your family) then register. We’ll take it from there.


Browse the list of groups to find one that suites you.    



For those of you techie types who feel more at home working off a tablet or you treehugger types who are trying to use less paper, download the  digital copy of the Kingdom Field Guide and read it in the PDF reader of your choice (BTW – we recommend that said reader allow for notes or you won’t get the full experience of the guide.)


Want to put the Kingdom art on your devices to keep the journey in front of you (or in your pocket) at all times? Download one of these Kingdom backgrounds for you smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Kingdom Desktop BG 1 Kingdom Desktop BG 2Kingdom Tablet BG 2Kingdom Tablet BG 1 Kingdom Phone BG 2 Kingdom Phone BG 1


Your challenge for Week 2 of the journey is to listen to this Receive audio experience twice throughout your week. It takes about 30 minutes.

If you have a physical set of Small Group Materials, you’ll find 12 CD copies to distribute to your group. Or, download the experience by right-clicking on the links below and saving them to your computer.

Downloadable Track List

Track 1: Introduction

Track 2: Receive Rest

Track 3: Receive Relationship

Track 4: Receive Love

Track 5: Receive Protection

Track 6: Receive Promise

Zipped File (contains all 6 Tracks)


Week 348 // October 20, 2013 // LOVE: Two Kingdoms

In the lead-off week of the all church journey, Lead Pastor Curt Walters explores how we’re constantly drawn toward different kingdoms… the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of earth. As he explores what it looks like to live in each kingdom, we find that God’s intended plan was for us to live in his Kingdom. For beauty, life, and grace to overthrow the kingdoms of this world, we first have to recognize the love the Mad King who gave himself for His Kingdom has for us.


Week 349 // October 27, 2013 // RECEIVE: Enter The Kingdom

There’s only one thing we have to do to become a child of the King: receive. But because of the baggage that we all carry, that’s not easy for us. No matter what your earthly father was like, our Heavenly Father has given us the opportunity to come to him to receive the benefits of his kingdom… here, now, on earth. Listen as Curt explains what being a child of the King can look like and how it’s a simple process to begin to enjoy the freedom that comes from being in the kingdom.


Week 350 // November 03, 2013 // OBEY: Submit to the King

We all live under false kings. Our schedules… the promise/pursuit of success… the perfect family picture… These are just some of the things that can “king” us in our lives. Submitting to Jesus as King can be a hard process, but a vital one to find the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


Week 351 // November 10, 2013 // OATH: The Kingdom At War

There’s a war going on that we may or may not be attuned to. The Good King is fighting for us in a very real way in the spiritual realm… which regularly shows up in the physical world. We’re coming to understand that the physical and the spiritual are integrally linked. And part of being in the Kingdom of Heaven and finding it on earth is getting into the fight.


Week 352 // November 17, 2013 // SEEK: Kingdom Goggles

What if we could see the kingdom of heaven all around us? Maybe we can. Maybe it’s in the little things and sometimes the big things that happen everyday.



Week 353 // November 24, 2013 // CELEBRATE: Kingdom Come

The Kingdom coming is not just a one time event. It’s an ongoing process that we get to be a part of… to love and help and develop our cities to become the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Listen as Curt invites everyone to accept and participate in the Kingdom through Jesus’ first command to us as his followers… to be baptized.



Sunday Morning worship gatherings currently meet at Fall Creek Intermediate School at 9 & 10:30am. When you join with us feel free to grab a cup of coffee on your way in and bring it with you into the auditorium. If you’re bringing your kids, you might want to show up a few minutes early to get them checked into our dynamic children’s environments before you settle into your seat. We’ll have great music, low lights and easy exits if you change your mind.

But, worship is more than just an hour in an auditorium… It’s more than singing… acting… art… feeling…  Singing is to worship as Q-tip is to cotton swab.  It’s just one of many forms. And, if you don’t know all the words to these songs we’re singing… that’s OK! We’re all new around here so learning is part of the game.

We view our Sunday morning gatherings as a launch pad for life change. The conversations begin here. But, we take it with us as we go.

GOD is moving in our community.
And we get to be a part of it!

Join us any Sunday at 9 or 10:30.


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What To Expect

We know it can be nerve-racking to walk into a place you’ve never been before.  So here’s a little info you might find helpful.

The last thing that Jesus came to do was start a new religion. He came to bring us back into harmony with God – to make life as it should be. His teaching evidence this. We want to know what he taught & what the Bible teaches. We are connected all the way back to the beginning of time… and what we learn now will shape the future as our children will know it. LISTEN HERE >>

We sing when we worship at Crosspoint. It’s not the only form of worship. Singing is to worship as Q-tip is to cotton swab. It’s just one of many forms. Worship is more than just an hour in an auditorium…
It’s more than singing… acting… art… feeling… It’s about choosing to be part of something bigger than ourselves. MORE >>

Whether you’re thinking about stopping by for just one Sunday or you’re interested in sticking with us for a while, we’re glad you’re checking out CROSSPOINT KIDS. We know your kids are important to you. They’re important to us, too! No step is skipped to help your child[ren] have a safe, educational, and exciting time in all of our kids areas. MORE >>

Why We Sing

PS 71:23//  When I open my mouth,
I will sing Your praises —
I, whom You have redeemed …

This is the way we approach our worship.
We all sing for different reasons.

…because we want to be part of something bigger…
…because we need to feel something…
…because we like the music…
…because we don’t have the words to express what we need to…

Whatever it is that causes you to sing, join us.  But, then take it with you.  Worship is more than just an hour in an auditorium… It’s more than singing… acting… art… feeling…  Singing is to worship as Q-tip is to cotton swab.  It’s just one of many forms.

Ultimately, worshiping GOD is a life choice… to be a part of something that IS bigger.

One Cup At A Time

Coffee and community go hand in hand. In our homes, it’s what we offer our friends to make them feel more at home, and we don’t even charge them for it. The same is true at Crosspoint.

We believe GOD is generous. We want to reflect that. We want to bless people in everything we do, because we’re convinced we’re called to be a “love machine” in our community and around the world.

So, we’ve joined forces with Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee to help restore the broken part of the world we know as Rwanda. In the last two year, the coffee that we consumed at Crosspoint helped provide nearly 4 years of living wages for one of the rural farmers of Bukanya, Rwanda. Roughly 80% of the population of Rwanda is unemployed. We’re helping change that… one cup at a time!

Stop by Crosspoint any SUNDAY at 9 or 10:30am and drink some coffee.* We’ll have low lights, clearly marked exits if you change your mind, and of course… COFFEE THAT’S MAKING A DIFFERENCE ONE CUP AT A TIME.