Daddy Issues


Dads—we all have one. For some of us, our dad made us laugh, cry, feel secure and put on our big boy pants and get to school. Others of us missed out on knowing our dad. For better or worse, our relationship with our father influences our relationship with God.

Join us Sundays, August 28 – September 11 as we explore how to find a better image of God.

Week 497 // August 28, 2016 // Forgive  Your Dad

This week explore how bitterness with our earthly dad creates distance with our Heavenly Dad.


Week 498 // August 28, 2016 // Meet Your New Dad

This week we’re looking at getting to know our Heavenly Dad, he begins to put his DNA inside of us and we begin to get to know his characteristics and identity.


Week 499 // September 11, 2016 // Receive From Your Dad

This week we’re taking a look at how our Heavenly Dad is a good gift giver, and wants us to receive his good gifts of presence and power.


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How To Thrive In A Hostile World

In this time of escalating violence, trauma, and racial tension, it seems we live in an ever-increasing hostile culture. Through the rising tensions from the terrible race-related violence, to the volatile political climate, and on-going global unrest, we sit back and wonder, “Where is the hope?” “Can it really get any better?”

God loves everyone and wants us to do the same. When we take a look at creation we get a glimpse of God’s creativity and passion for color and diversity in the world. He wants his church and the world to reflect that diversity. God has a hope and a dream for you, even in the midst of the hostility.

Join us August 7, 14 & 21.



Week 494 // August 7, 2016 // Avoiding the Election Infection

In case you haven’t noticed, the political scene is heating up. Politics is not an emotionally neutral topic. It has the power to divide us instead of bring us together. What would it look like if Christians filtered their politics through their faith rather than filtering their faith through their politics?


Week 495 // August 14, 2016 // The Human Family

God loves color. By taking a look at creation we get a glimpse of God’s creativity and passion for color and diversity. Join us as we look at the value of diversity and how each of us can promote reconciliation.


Week 496 // August 21, 2016 // Kingdom View

We see daily news reports about violence and terrorism. The world can feel like a dangerous place. Uncertainty is unavoidable, fear is optional.  This week we’re going to look at a Kingdom view that allows us to lean in and thrive even in the midst of difficult circumstances.


At The Movies 4


Join us as we explore the fibers of faith behind the biggest movies of the summer in our teaching series.

In this 8-week series, we will explore the spiritual connections to some of this summer’s hottest movies.


Invite a friend and get a free movie ticket. First time guests will receive a free movie ticket to the Goodrich Quality Theater of their choice.

They get one. You get one. Up to 2/family/week. It’s easy.



June 12 – The Jungle Book
June 19 – Captain America: Civil War
June 26 – Independence Day Resurgence
July 3 – Free State Of Jones
July 10 – Central Intelligence
July 17 – Finding Dory
July 24 – Star Trek Beyond
July 31 – Jason Bourne


Week 486 // June 12, 2016 // The Jungle Book

DEALING WITH THE MESS – Using the live action Disney remake as a starting point, we take a look at what redemption in the mess really looks like.


Week 487 // June 19, 2016 // Captain America: Civil War

STRENGTH OF PURPOSE – Friends and allies face off when purpose is put into question. Living your life with purpose and perseverance isn’t always easy. From Teaching Team member Vince Constantine.


Week 488 // June 26, 2016 // Independence Day: Resurgence

GIVING YOUR LIFE FOR ETERNITY – 20 years ago a few good men saved the world and it meant the world to everyone who followed. Now it’s the next generation’s turn. Greg Wiens joins us again from Healthy Growing Churches in Orlando, FL.


Week 489 // July 3, 2016 // Free State of Jones

THE REBEL BECOMES THE LEADER – Why are we inspired by stories like this? We’ve seen it over and over in history. What does it mean for us today? What does it mean to our faith? Special guest, former Indianapolis Colt Devon McDonald joins us again as we look at why rebellion inspires us.


Week 490 // July 10, 2016 // Central Intelligence 

DON’T LET YOUR PAST DEFINE YOU – Understanding how we were wired helps us understand our true God given potential as we see in this role-reversal buddy action-comedy.


Week 491 // July 17, 2016 // Finding Dory

IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT FAMILY – As we dive deep into this message, you will discover what God’s desire is for your family as well as how to learn to love them better.


Week 492 // July 24, 2016 // Star Trek Beyond

PROVING YOURSELF – In many cases the crew of the Enterprise joined to prove something of themselves or to someone else. Find out what God says we need to do to prove ourselves.


Week 493 // July 31, 2016 // Jason Bourne

Know Your True Identity – Find out what the Bible and God say about how our true identities are defined.


Love Dare WK3 Homework

Read the following from Philippians 2:3-8 each day this week and then reflect on the questions below.  

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather, he made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.  

And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death — even death on a cross!

– Philippians 2:3-8


God’s word is amazing in that it speaks to us in different ways every time we read it.
Take a few minutes to reflect on one of the following categories of questions each day, adding to your previous day’s reflections.

MARRIED: For those who are married:

  1. Where did I express servanthood and mutual submission toward my spouse today? What do I need to do different tomorrow?
  2. Where did my spouse express this servanthood and mutual submission to me today?

SINGLE: For those what are single, students, or single again:

  1. What would a future relationship look like if my spouse and I lived out Philippians 2:3-8 every day?
  2. What is something I feel God is nudging me to do tomorrow to grow in servanthood (serving others)?

Love Dare

We all know what’s required to fall in love. (A pulse.) Falling in love is easy. But staying there? That’s something else entirely.

“Online Dating Magazine” estimates that there are over 2,500 matchmaker organizations in the United States. Finding someone is easier than ever, but staying together seems to get more difficult every day.

So, is it possible for two people to fall in love and actually stay there?


Join us over these next 6 weeks, as we do a deep dive into something that could perhaps, change the trajectory of your love…. and your life.

As always, there will be friendly folks, free coffee and easy exits if you change your mind.


Vow Renewals June 5 – 9:30 & 11:00am

Couples choose to renew their vows for a variety of reasons. Renewing your vows doesn’t mean that the vows you took on your wedding day weren’t meaningful, but it can serve as a reminder of what your commitment to one another really means.

Whether you are desiring to re-affirm your love to your spouse, celebrating a marriage milestone, you have survived an experience that tested your marriage, or want to re-affirm your vows based on new understandings of God’s foundation for your marriage, vow renewal can be a powerful experience and affirmation of your love for one another.

On Sunday, June 5, 2016, husbands & wives will have the opportunity to affirm their love for one another in a special ceremony at either the  9:30am or 11:00am service, as we conclude the Love Dare teaching series.  

Interested, or want to find out more?  CLICK HERE to SIGN-UP.

+ Podcasts

Week 480 // May 01, 2016 // Believe For Your US

Dispelling the common myth about why we “fall out of love” and exposing the true problem that causes break downs in our marriages.


Week 481 // May 08, 2016 // Fight For Your US

We all know that love ain’t easy… in fact, staying in love is one of the hardest things out there to do. But it’s possible.


Week 482 // May 15, 2016 // Grow Your US

Love is action and loving others as God has loved each of us is the ultimate goal.


Week 483 // May 22, 2016 // Remodel Your US

To stay in love is to adopt the same attitude toward the person you want to stay in love with, that Jesus adopted towards you.


Week 484 // May 29, 2016 // Just For Fun

It’s really important that we not take ourselves too seriously.


Week 485 // June 5, 2016 // Re-Commitment

For us to truly understand what it means to live for our spouse, we have to understand the example that Christ gave us as he lived for his church.


Starting Point

Everything that exists had a starting point . . . including you. You may have started on purpose. You may have started by accident (from your parent’s perspective). You may even have started through the magic of medical science. Whatever the circumstances, you had a starting point and it began before you were aware of it.

Physical life is one of many starting points. Your formal education had a starting point. Your career had a starting point. Your romantic life had a starting point. Your experience as a parent had a starting point.

Faith has a starting point as well.

Join us Sunday April 3-24 as we explore where to start.

+ Podcasts

Week 476 // April 03, 2016 // Everything Has a Beginning

During childhood, you may have been handed a faith framework through which you began to view the world. For a lot of us, that childhood framework didn’t survive the rigors of adulthood. It’s not enough to say, “The Bible says…,” in the face of real-life tragedy. Adults often need a new starting point. But the starting point for Christian faith isn’t, “The Bible says…” It’s better than that. It’s Jesus.


Week 477 // April 10, 2016 // The Problem

Guilt is powerful. Shame can be crippling. We all have things in our pasts that haunt us. We have sin.

It only takes a word, a picture, or a name to bring it all back. We know we can do better from this point forward, but how are we supposed to fix the past? We can say we’re sorry. We can ask for forgiveness. But some of the things we’ve done hang over our lives like a cloud.

What can wash away our sins?


Week 478 // April 17, 2016 // Trust

The three largest faith traditions—Judaism, Islam, and Christianity—claim the same starting point: a man named Abraham.

All three agree that sin made a mess of the world and God started his clean up operation with Abraham.

God made a series of promises and Abraham’s response to those promises didn’t just have implications for his personal starting point or the starting points of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. It had implications for your starting point as well.


Week 479 // April 24, 2016 // Grace

Guilt is powerful. Shame can be crippling. We all have things in our pasts that haunt us. We have sin.

It only takes a word, a picture, or a name to bring it all back. We know we can do better from this point forward, but how are we supposed to fix the past?

What can wash away our sins?


Easter 2016


You’ve probably heard the basics about the Easter story: Jewish guy with a sweet beard dies 2,000 years ago and comes back to life.

But what does that have to do with you?

No matter who we are and how hard we try, we sometimes break things and make a mess.

We hide stuff, strive for stuff, try to elbow-grease-fix stuff. But because that bearded man lived on the earth and loves us all, everything that is broken gets pulled back together.

Bring the family (and some friends) together this Easter for an experience that connects you personally to the Easter story in a fresh new way. You’re gonna love this. You’ll find friendly people, great coffee, dim lights and easy exits if you change your mind.

+ Podcast

Week 475 // March 27, 2016 // Easter 2016