Serving is a weird concept. From handing out coffee, hosting an LTG, holding a crying baby, to playing guitar in our worship gatherings… each is a huge opportunity.

We believe that serving doesn’t stop at our doors… besides, they’re not our doors! Here are a few of the areas that run on volunteer gas:

  • Children’s Ministries (Story Tellers, Nursery Workers, Small Group Leaders)
  • Creative (Musicians, Vocalists, Visual Designers, Photographers)
  • Hospitality (Coffee Servers, Greeters)
  • Set-up/Tear-down Crew

Serving is about moving our resources and ourselves in response to human need, acknowledging that the worst kind of need is the kind that happens with nobody else around. As a community we’re responding in particular to the issues of poverty and community service and within that framework four interests have emerged—initiatives that make the hearts of the people of Crosspoint race and that together we’re equipped to help address. Locally and globally, these are the places that our skills, experiences, resources, and our collective heartbeat meet:

  • Mentoring through Community First Initiative
  • Poverty, helping through the Bucket Project with IPS 96


Interested in volunteering? Find your place to serve. Fill out this short survey to tell us what fits you!