Sleep outside. Build fires. Eat Food. Laugh. Compete. Split wood. Drink malted beverages (If you’re old enough). BYO pretty much everything. Test your strength. Tell stories. Make pals. Talk to God. Do life together.

January 12th & 13th
Friday 5:30-Saturday around 3PM


Questions and Answers

How much is it?
MAN CAMP is $50

How old do I need to be to attend MAN CAMP?

The minimum age for MAN CAMP is 18. We know there are lots of 15 year old men (and 40 year old boys), but the law of our state says you’re an adult at 18 (and MAN CAMP is an adults only adventure).

What if I’ve never camped before?

No problem. This trip is all about getting outside your comfort zone, alongside other men. We’re here to challenge you and encourage you, whether you’ve camped for decades or don’t own a tent. When we trade convenience, comfort and security for the great unknown, we’re pretty much guaranteed to grow.

Will there be alcohol at this event?
Yes. While it is certainly not the focus, alcohol will be present, and of course it will be optional for those 21 and older.

What if I don’t know anybody?
Perfect! You’ll make friends in no time. Every man camper will be assigned a Wolf Pack: a group of other guys. You’ll do everything with your unit: get outfitted, bring food, set up camp, compete and generally solve problems. You are going to be good friends with your pack by the time this trip is over.

What do I need to bring?
Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you a full list. But the short version is: one sleeping bag and  one duffel bag filled with camping gear, a chair, dry clothes.

How long is it?
From Friday evening 5:30 –  Saturday afternoon around 3PM   

What if I have to leave early?
You’re in for the whole deal if you go. The entire event is a communal experience.

What if it rains?
Then we’ll probably get wet.

What if it snows?
Snow is a lot like rain, but colder. Deal with it.

What are we doing?
Sleeping outside. Building fires. Eating food. Laughing. Competing. Splitting wood. Drinking malted beverages (if we’re old enough). BYOing pretty much everything. Testing our strength. Telling stories. Making pals. Talking to God. Doing life together.