Launching Rockets

Baby Boomers. Gen X. Gen Y. Echo boomers. Millennials. Generation Z…

Every generation has another one following it. Each generation sees the world differently. It’s easy for generations to live in conflict and competition. But what is our responsibility to the generations that come after us?

Whether you’re a parent, boss, mentor, coach or student of humanity, each of us have the unique opportunity to be rocket launchers, propelling the next generation into greater things.

Join us for this new teaching series beginning April 23 and let’s launch rockets.


042317 – Week 531 – Time Over Time

Building into your kids is not an easy process, but it’s vital to find ways to build and affirm your kids to help them grow into functional adults.

043017 – Week 532 – Phases

There are 4 distinct phases of parenting that need to be progressed through that will dictate your future relationships with your kids and their relationship with God.

050717 – Week 533 – Interpretation

Every generation has a responsibility to the next one.

051417 – Week 534 – Building Others

This Mother’s Day we’re delighted to welcome back 92-year-old Ann Smith, Crosspoint’s most talked about guest speaker ever. Ann spent her life building into others and mentoring younger generations to find greatness after spending 26 years as a missionary to Japan. The imprint she has left on this world is phenomenal. Listen as she shares her 25 Life Learnings that keep her living life to the fullest.

052117 – Week 535 – Shifts

This week we dive into a list of shifts that we need to make to help the coming generations become fully functioning adults.

052817 – Week 536 – Legacy

We’re wrapping up this series and looking at what it means to leave a legacy in the next generation, that causes them to do greater things than us.