The Launch Journey



Crosspoint began in 2006 as just a few friends dreaming of a place that we could bring our friends – a place to explore God
– a place where not having it all together is OK.
Quite frankly, we were a bit wary of church lingo, bad coffee, and many of the things that “church” had become.

In March of 2007, Crosspoint held its Grand Opening, meeting for services at Fall Creek Intermediate School. It all began with a remnant of 55 adults and nearly as many kids. The auditorium at Fall Creek Intermediate School felt HUGE! Believe it or not we even spread the chairs out to make it seem more full. Our kids’ environments had ample space and everyone had a prime parking spot.

A LOT HAS CHANGED OVER THE PAST 6 YEARS! That handful of people has now turned into hundreds seeking truth and authentic community through their experieces at Crosspoint. Over the past few years, we’ve continued to multiply our environments at Crosspoint by adding a second service, additional children’s environtments, and a student ministry program. Additionally, we partnered in the birthing of a new church named Catalyst in the Pendleton community in 2010, sending 25 adults to launch church in a new community.

Three years ago – we began something we called the CRAZY JOURNEY! A journey of committing ourselves and our resources to creating a more permanent environment for the Crosspoint Tribe to call home – a real home for real people.

When we launched the Crazy Journey nearly three years ago, we had aspirations of leasing a pre-existing warehouse space to build-out the kind of environment that would allow us to maximize the ministry at Crosspoint. After pursuing a number of venues over the course of a year, all of the doors in that pursuit were closed pretty securely.

It’s as if God was saying, “I have a different plan for you,” and we started to realize – God’s plans are bigger than our plans.

So, a little over a year ago, a door was opened for us to purchase land right across the street from our current location at Fall Creek Intermediate School, at the corner of Olio Road & Silverstone Drive.


A successful Launch Campaign of raising $625,000 over a three-year period will provided the need capital to bridge what we can currently do in building a facility and the additional space we need to accommodate our current growth, as well as the countless first time guests that will come through our doors when we move into this facility.

Over the past months, we’ve gone through numerous designs and what seems like endless revisions as we hone in the construction drawings. We have been working through building designs to find a balance between cost and size. A successful Launch Campaign will allow us to stretch to reach a 475 seat auditorium with a warm 3rd Space/Atrium area, dynamic kids’ environments, and parking that will accommodate growth.


The Return is not only EXPONENTIAL… it’s ETERNAL.
Through this bold move to establish a permanent location in our community, Crosspoint can expect to more than double its impact in the lives of people in our community, with our new Grand Opening.


Watch the introductory video from Lead Pastor Curt Walters to hear the vision, see the proposed elevations, and to be invited to change the lives of people in our community.



We’re spending some focused time in prayer each day as we seek God’s will on for the future of our new launchpad. Consider joining with us to see what part God would have you play.


Week 313 // February 17, 2013 // Surrender to Reality

In the kick-off weekend of this series, Lead Pastor Curt Walters explains some of the dream that God has put on the hearts of the Crosspoint Tribe. A posture that has become common in the world, is that of living life clutching onto our stuff, our own plans, what we want… But, God calls us to something bigger than that. Listen as Curt explains how living a life of openhandedness is what God desires of us.


Week 314 // February 24, 2013 // Listening to God in a Noisy World

This week Curt gets personal with what it means to listen to God. Inviting his wife Julie onto the platform to help him explain some of the wrestling and attempting to listen to God through the Crazy Journey as well as the Launch Journey, they dive into some of the practical ways that their family has made sacrifices for God’s dream for Crosspoint. No guilt, no expectations, just an invitation into the process to find your part in the dream.


Week 315 // March 03, 2013 // Letting It Go

In the third week of our journey towards Launch, Curt looks at what it means to “let something go.” … “to sacrifice.” When the Bible talks about “sacrificial giving” it didn’t mean “fair share giving” where everyone is expected to pay the same amount to the penny. See, no one wants to be guilted into doing something, but our natural mindset is to think “I’ll put into something what I’m going to get out of it.” That’s not how God looks at things. Not money. Not stuff. Not life. Ultimately, God is a giver. And he gave his son for us. He “let him go…” He sacrificed something he loved for something greater. Listen in as Curt explains the connection to sacrifice and the holy act of communion this week as well.


Week 316 // March 10, 2013 // Vision & Courage

In the fourth week of our Launch Journey we focused on why Crosspoint needs to move on to it’s next, more permanent home in the community. Through the use of multiple stories of connection and life change Curt explains the needs that we’re meeting in the community and in the lives of people. One particular story you can watch below. Todd & Sonja Robbins came to Crosspoint in the summer of 2012 during a particularly rough period in their lives. Watch as they tell their story of how and why they’ve changed. These are the reasons for the Launch Journey. Also, watch the unedited Launch Campaign Vision video above.


Week 317 // March 17, 2013 // Commitment

This week’s teaching laid it all on the line. Everyone who calls Crosspoint their home, everyone who was feeling led, and everyone wanting to make a difference in the community was invited to make a commitment to be a part of the our new Launchpad from the very beginning. Listen as Curt speaks from the heart of Crosspoint’s mission and view of the community through stories, interviews, and the connection of the extravagance of sacrifice the woman who poured the perfume over Jesus and where we stand at Crosspoint today.


Week 318 // March 24, 2013 // Celebration For The Future

This we unveiled the total contributions from the campaign side of this Journey. Nearly 1.5 times the goal of $625,000 the XPT tribe brought their A-game and pledged a total $944,207 to the future launchpad for Crosspoint. That’s a big deal! And, what’s a bigger deal is that the future has already begin. So, listen in to the 2nd half of the teaching as Curt explains why we celebrate children through dedication. All of the parts of the morning add up to steps toward the future. That’s why we’re here and that’s what we’re pushing toward.