I’m Possible

Real change is possible. Our families, our lives & our world can get exponentially better if follow Jesus’ lead. He gives us the power to have a great year!

Week 516 // January 8, 2017 // Pursuing The Impossible

This week we’re exploring how small change over time leads to the impossible.


Week 517 // January 15, 2017 // Identity

This weekend we’re looking at how the closer we get to God, the more we embrace discipline which leads us to doing things that right now seem like the impossible.


Week 518 // January 22, 2017 // Resilience

This week we take a look at Joseph and how he learned to take a punch and keep getting back up.


Week 519 // January 29, 2017 // Tension & Time

Looking at how tension & adversity over time develop our capacity to achieve the impossible.