There’s this myth about church: “People there are perfect & have all the answers for everything …” Well, we all know that’s not quite the truth. We don’t have it all together … how could we expect that you do? Life is hard. Awkward. We don’t have all the answers, and we’re OK with that.

Crosspoint is a community of individuals from Fishers and the surrounding communities seeking an environment to safely explore, pursue, and grow in what it means to follow God in our changing communities worldwide. We worship on Sundays, but we believe that real church happens outside of one designated auditorium… in community with others. We meet in multiple home locations during the week doing “LIFE TOGETHER” … caring, sharing, encouraging, serving, praying, growing & connecting. If you’d like to explore one of these “LIFE TOGETHER” Environments, EMAIL US and we’ll help you identify the location nearest to you.

Not sure what you believe about God? … Jesus? That’s OK. We’re still growing in our understanding, as well … growing in what it means to follow and live God’s Way of Life in relevant ways in today’s culture.

Crosspoint is a non-denominational church, affiliated with the Church of God Movement, with international headquarters in Anderson, IN. Over the past 125 years, over 7,000 church communities trace their roots to this Church of God Movement.