So… what’s this all about anyway?

It’s the one unofficial holiday that ALL Americans enjoy – you know, the game day that is “super” and referred to as a “bowl” (legally, we’re not supposed to say the “super bowl”). At Crosspoint, we have this belief that among other things – church should be, well… FUN! So, when you merge one of America’s favorite game days with church, you end up with an irreverent teaching competition that turns “church” into a spectator sport. 

Grab all your rowdy friends and start your game day at one of our two morning services at Crosspoint! There will be a stadium environment, music you’ll know, a head-to-head teaching competition including color commentary, a rocking half-time show, as well as low lights and easy exits if you change your mind!


February 1+4, 2018 – Week 572

It’s 3-time winner Julie Buchtenkirch versus reigning champ Curt Walters exploring the 5 key practices to growing a big faith.