Daddy Issues


Dads—we all have one. For some of us, our dad made us laugh, cry, feel secure and put on our big boy pants and get to school. Others of us missed out on knowing our dad. For better or worse, our relationship with our father influences our relationship with God.

Join us Sundays, August 28 – September 11 as we explore how to find a better image of God.

Week 497 // August 28, 2016 // Forgive  Your Dad

This week explore how bitterness with our earthly dad creates distance with our Heavenly Dad.


Week 498 // August 28, 2016 // Meet Your New Dad

This week we’re looking at getting to know our Heavenly Dad, he begins to put his DNA inside of us and we begin to get to know his characteristics and identity.


Week 499 // September 11, 2016 // Receive From Your Dad

This week we’re taking a look at how our Heavenly Dad is a good gift giver, and wants us to receive his good gifts of presence and power.


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