Thursday, 12.21 @ 7:30PM
Saturday, 12.23 // 6 & 7:30PM
Sunday, 12.24 // 4:30 & 6PM

Children’s environments available for infant-PreK.


But let’s be honest—it isn’t the parties or the presents and it definitely isn’t the egg nog.

So what’s so special about Christmas anyway?

Christmas is the one time each year when our story is guaranteed to collide with God’s. It’s an unmissable moment when God crashed into the world in the form of flesh and love. 

Men, women and children still gather on this night over 2000 years later to celebrate  this baby that changed everything. 

So, regardless of your thoughts on church or God, you’re welcome here because Christmas is for everyone. Period.

We’ll have the familiar songs we’ve come to love at Christmastime, a candle to hold, great coffee, low lights and easy exits if you change your mind.